we are working hard to reboot for 2014

we are building a new, flexible, event driven, syncronised, multi-threaded multimedia (audio/video/data) streaming framework using node.js from scratch. from 2001-2011, idealsound used SHOUTcast as we had roots with them and were provided free streaming servers. aol killed winamp (sorry justin/nullsoft) and I doubt that means any good news for SHOUTcast. we wanted something way more flexible anyway, and currently, what we want, doesn't exist.

we want to be be able to have virtualized-like control over stream servers and their associated objects (eg, listeners, sources). we want a sexy restful json async web and app based control panel with vu meters, source switching and crossfading, audio plugins, gain control, dj control. there will be apps for djs to stream live from their phones too. video streaming won't be a top priority at first but will be provisioned for.

if you are interested, get in touch. eidolon.....at...thisdomain... we need testers, coders, djs, artists, gfx..help..!